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MTProxy - proxy server for Telegram

MTProxy - proxy server for Telegram
(This server is availabe as Amazon Machine Image on AWS)

The stability of the global work of Telegram is ensured by a large number of proxy servers around the world. We suggest you to launch and use your own proxy server which uses MTProxy protocol, developed by the Telegram team specifically for the Telegram application. The main features of this protocol are high encryption protection and traffic masking, which makes it possible to ensure the stable operation of the Telegram application in conditions when the provider is trying to restrict access to the Internet.

To encourage the use of proxy servers, Telegram offers the ability to enable channel advertising. In this case, the selected channel will be at the top of the channel list and marked as sponsored for all Telegram users who use your proxy server. You choose the channel for promotion yourself - after that you just have to share your proxy link.

This server is very easy to use and requires almost no configuration. It is fully operational immediately after launching.

Usage Instructions

Launch the server. This server does not require the powerful computing resources - you can choose a simple instance type. After launching, this proxy server is immediately fully operational. No server setup required.

If you attached the elastic IP to the running instance then please reboot the server for the changes to take effect.

To see the client settings, please connect to port 22 of the server using SSH with username: ubuntu. All the necessary information to connect to this server will be displayed on the SSH welcome screen:

Using the given settings, connect your Telegram messenger to your proxy server. If you want to set up a proxy server on Telegram manually, then click "Settings"->"Advanced"->"Connection type" menu item of Telegram. Then select "MTPROTO" and print given Hostname (ip address), port (443) and Secret (Proxy key). The application should start working through your proxy server:

Further instructions are optional:

To be able to promote the selected channel and to have access to your server statistics you should register your Proxy Server on Telegram. To do it please call the bot @MTProxybot and print /newproxy:

After registering, you will receive a "proxy tag" which will need to be written to a file: "/etc/systemd/system/promotag". After creating the file, please restart the server. To get proxy statistics and to set the chanell to promote please send /myproxies command to bot in Telegram and follow instructions:

MTProxy - proxy server for Telegram
Try this server on AWS !