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HTTP(S)/SOCKS5 Proxy Server

HTTP(S) / SOCKS5 Proxy Server with user management panel.
(This server is availabe as Amazon Machine Image on AWS)

Very easy to launch and efficient proxy server on Linux to access the internet. It supports modern security protocols and requires almost no maintenance. Authorization system allows users to access proxy server by login and password. User management Web Panel is available.

Areas of use:
  • It can be used to browse the internet more privately. This proxy server changes the IP address - this means the destination server doesn't know who actually made the original request, which helps keeps your personal information and browsing more private.
  • Proxy server allow users to circumvent content restrictions imposed by companies or governments. Several governments around the world closely monitor and restrict access to the internet, and proxy servers offer their citizens access to an uncensored internet.

  • The key features of the current version HTTP(S) / SOCKS5 Proxy Server:
  • It supports HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 proxy connection protocols with authentication by username and password.
  • Ports: 3128 for HTTP(S) and 1080 for SOCKS5.
  • It supports FTP connections through this proxy server.
  • User management Web Panel. Multilogin (concurrent connections) is allowed for users.
  • Very simple startup procedure - server does not require configuration. After launching the server, it immediately ready to work.

  • HTTP(S)/SOCKS5 Proxy Server on AWS
    Try this server on AWS !