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OpenVPN TCP/UDP Tunnel Server

OpenVPN TCP/UDP Tunnel Server with User Management Web Panel. v.1.1.2

This server is based on OpenVPN open-source project and designed to provide the secure internet access for computers and mobile devices on Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. TCP port 443 or UDP port 1194 can be used to establish secure connection. Using port 443 to create a tunnel allows you to create a connection that is nearly impossible to block because port 443 is used for HTTPS and it can not be disabled. A small inconvenience of the server is that an additional software should be installed on a client side. Access to the server is controlled through User Management Web Panel.

Areas of use:
  • It can be used to provide secure internet access for computers and mobile devices.
  • Ensuring access to the Internet in countries where the authorities restrict the Internet.

  • The key features of the current version OpenVPN TCP/UDP Tunnel Server v.1.1.2:
  • This server practically does not require configuration. After launching the server, it immediately becomes fully operational.
  • Authentication with certificates (config file for clients) + username/password.
  • User Management Web Panel.
  • Authentication process uses MySQL so user management web-interface can be easily extended or customized.
  • 443 port can be used for tunnel that can not be blocked.

    OpenVPN TCP/UDP Tunnel Server on AWS
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