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To connect to this server, the OpenVPN® client software should be installed to the client side. Various OpenVPN® client programs are available in a Web for Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

We recommend to use the following OpenVPN® client software:
For Windows: OpenVPN GUI
For Android: OpenVPN Connect This server requires authentication with certificates (.ovpn config file for clients) and username/password that can be managed in webpanel.

Configuration files for OpenVPN clients (.ovpn) are automatically generated at first start of this server and available at:
(use "config" as username and your AWS instance ID as password to download this file with your web browser).

In addition to the mandatory configuration file (.ovpn), you will need to specify a username and password to establish the OpenVPN® connection. User logins and passwords are stored in the database on the server, and users records can be managed with help of User Management Web Panel:
(use "administrator" as username and your AWS instance ID as password).

User accounts can be edited remotely via port 3306.
(use "remote" as username and your AWS instance ID as password to connect the MySQL database remotely via port 3306).

Supported ports:
TCP port: 443
UDP port: 1194

Disclaimer: OpenVPN® is a completely separate project from ADEO Imaging OU.

©2002-2023 OpenVPN Inc. OpenVPN is a registered trademark of OpenVPN Inc.

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